Ryan Bonecutter-Knight

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Intuitive Counselor

Ryan Bonecutter-Knight is a gifted reader who moved to San Antonio from New Orleans shortly after hurricane Katrina and has worked at Unlimited Thought since 2013. He received his first deck of Tarot cards at age 11 and has studied different forms of divination and spell casting ever since. He is very knowledgeable on many different occult and spiritual subjects and specializes in several classical methods of foretelling.

Tarot: Using Tarot cards to divine the future and give forecasts for predetermined periods of time.

Crystal Ball: Gazing into a crystal ball to receive dream like visions to help the client gain insight into future events or current situations.

Runes: Casting rune stones to read the likely outcomes of a decision or to give insight on the present.

Dream Interpretation: Interprets the symbols and circumstances of the client's dream to help give insight to their own psychological state or possible spirit messages.

Spell Casting Consultations: Uses reference books and personal knowledge to help the client design and work out the details of a spell they wish to cast.



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