Lead a Workshop or Class

Schedule a Class or Workshop at Unlimited Thought

At Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center, we gladly entertain all topics and events aligned with our mission and vision that endeavor to enhance the lives of our community. Whether you want to lead a class, workshop, certification intensive course, or regular discussion group, you are welcome at our center.


Our Process

  • Download the Workshop Proposal Form (scroll down and click the link).
  • Complete all areas of the form and submit to kyle@unlimited-thought.com
  • Your topic will be assessed by our Marketing and Event Planning team.
  • If approved, you'll be contacted and invited to choose dates.
  • Afterwards, promotion for your class or workshop commences on:
    • The Website
    • Facebook and Instagram
    • Online and In-store Calendars
  • You create a flyer for your class, and you bring at least 50 copies to the store within 3-5 days of being confirmed.