Kathleen "Kathy" elkins

About Kathy

Holistic Health Practitioner & Energyworker

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Coach, I offer dependable flexibility as a mentor and coach redefining your self-care renewal plan. You are responsible for the ongoing changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise regime.

As a Reiki master and reflexologist, I offer sessions and classes in Reiki and sessions in reflexology. Both sessions outcomes are toward better health and self-nurturing. This energy work is subtle and renews your mental, emotional, and spiritual processes to cope more effectively with the stress and chaos. Self-Improvement vs. Self-Destruction is our goal.

Reiki Classes are TBA and require a deposit with a statement of intent.

Lifestyle assessment, nutrition and diet, wellness plans are after initial assessments which usually last about 30 minutes.

Online, phone, and in house one on one approach are available.

Parents must attend all child assessment and be included in wellness planning.

I look forward to helping each person with their individual needs.








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