About Jeanne


Tarot Expert and Psychic

Jeanne is a taroist and intuitive counselor who has read professionally in the South Texas area since 1989. She is a recognized Tarot expert and noted psychic. Jeanne is a retired teacher of students with disabilities, a mother of three adult children and a grandmother. She enjoys Tarot, travel, plants, music, cats and dogs, books, the ocean, puzzles, learning, and life in general.

Readings- Jeanne's tarot readings are always insightful and inspirational, filled with loving guidance to assist the client with practical life solutions and spiritual development. They come from a combination of information derived from the cards, accessing the client's guides, and a psychic connection with the client.

Although most people think of Jeanne as a "Tarot Reader", there is a lack of understanding about what that means. The tarot is a unique system for discovering the inner person both in the physical world sense and in the inner psychological and spiritual elements. The cards direct our attention to the relevant areas in each persons path. It is through the specialized ability of the reader that these "clues" are applied to each client's life experience. Jeanne's ability to connect with the client and the individual guides and spirits working with that individual gives her the ability to use the cards to assist the client in especially helpful ways and to see their paths more clearly.



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