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Hi! My name is DeVante and I am an Intuitive Empath. My mission first, is to heal the Inner Child in us all. To show people Unconditional Love, and show you it is okay to open and be Your Self. To show you not to fear connections with others, as well as taking on your pain as if it were my own to show you the Light and Strength inside yourself. You too are a Pillar of Light and Strength! Once you realize this, hopefully you will be able to do the same for others. I see and can accurately remove energy blockages in the Chakra System that flows throughout the Etheric and physical bodies. I read Tarot and Oracle cards. When allowed, we can connect you with a past life, or a life past on occasion as you and I reach the depths of your soul to reclaim Your Personal Power as you rise from the ashes like the mighty Phoenix. If your mission is my mission, and My Mission is to Save The World, then let's save it together. Let us show The World what we can do when we stand as One, from a place of Love.








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