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If you’re interested in the metaphysical, then come to Unlimited Thought to learn more. Our healers and practitioners can help you gain intuition and find your best self through our intuitive courses in San Antonio, TX. These courses help you expand your consciousness so that you can access the metaphysical more easily and assist others in their journey.

What Is an Intuitive Course?

Intuitive classes are courses for those who wish to hone their intuition or who are already intuitive and wish to better their craft. Everyone is born with intuition, which means that anyone can gain greater awareness of themselves and others around them. This intuition helps you make better decisions for the long term as well as the short term.

An intuitive course is only the beginning. Once you have honed your intuitive skills, then you can apply them to practices like tarot and clairvoyance. Our courses open up these avenues for you, and you can speak with our instructors for information about what to do and focus on once you have strengthened your gift. However, you can also just use your intuitive gifts to help yourself and your loved ones.

What Sort of Setting Do We Provide?

All of our courses are in a comfortable, non-judgmental zone. This way, you can try your best and really try to better yourself without the fear of failure. After all, our goal with these courses, and all of our offerings, is to help you transition from a fear-based mindset to a love-based one. Our location is also a comfortable area that enhances your senses and intuition.

Whether you are already an intuitive or you want to learn how to become one, Unlimited Thought has intuitive courses for you. For more information, visit our shop in San Antonio, TX, or call us at (210) 525‑0693 or (888) 845‑8448.