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Clairvoyant Intuitive Counselor

Bobbie has been intuitive and seeking since childhood. A desire to connect with Spirit led her to become proficient in many methods of divination such as clairvoyant reading and Akashic Record access, but the art and imagery of the Tarot she found to be truly inspiring and uses Tarot as her preferred method. Bobbie has over 20 years of experience as a psychic and calls upon her personal experience to offer positive wisdom and constructive feedback in every session for every client. 

Do you have questions about a relationship? Your job or career path? Finances, health..... or maybe you are stuck and need some advice about what to do next? An intuitive reading  with Bobbie could be just the answer. 

Each session is customizable to meet the clients needs and while Bobbie’s preferred method is Tarot she is more than willing to use other avenues upon request. During the session clients are invited to ask specific questions if they so desire, look at a specific frame of time, aspect of their life, or simply get a general overview.



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