About Us

A Reputable Center to Help Expand Your Consciousness

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center is religiously nonspecific and honors all paths. Our intent is to help ease the transition as our society and planet shift from being fear-based to being love-based. It is not for us to say what is the best path for any individual, it is merely our mission to provide the means to assist people in making their own choice on how to expand their consciousness, enrich their lives, and make their own spiritual connection with all that is.

We encourage everyone to make their own spiritual connection in the manner that works best for them. "The times, they are a-changing."

We are here to provide means to assist people to make their own choice on how to expand their consciousness and make their own spiritual connection with God. God is love; the connection is made through love; our society, our government, and all that we know will be improved and radically altered through love.

It is symptomatic of our times for all that has been hidden to be revealed and for all fear-based organizations to crumble and fall while all truly love-based groups grow and expand. The time of a fear-based society is ending; a love-based society is being created, regardless of what any one individual says or does about it.

We have now entered the active period of changes and the Shift of Consciousness. Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center is here for all those newly awakening and asking, "What the bleep is happening?"

"Man is beginning to come out of limitation because there are many upon your plane who are questioning their lives and why they are slaves to the hypocrisy of government, of dogma, of society, and where in turn they lead. They are beginning to love themselves and others enough to see beyond the film of limited consciousness and to rise above it.

They are awakening to the understanding that there is an essence that lies within them and within all people that is gentle and loving and wise. They are beginning to realize that all of the prophecies, and all of the tales, and all of the fears that have governed mankind for so long have not manifested; they have outlived them all. They are questioning who they are and why, if they are to love God, they must be frightened of Him.

Consciousness on this plane is changing. The limitations of understanding, which have caused man to be a beastly creature generation after generation after generation, are being lifted to permit man to be the sublime God-essence that he is.

It is time to have a new learning occur, which is really not new at all. Deep within your soul, you will know what the truth is, because the truth will permit you to see beyond the stagnation of dogmatic beliefs into the heaven of thought and understanding that has been there all along. As the rope is removed from around your throat and the feelings of joy begin to surface and become eminent within your soul, you will begin to be this magnificent God that you are in a state of being.

This age of yours is ending. This has been called the Age of Flesh. The new age is already on the horizon, and it is called the Age of Light, the Age of Pure Spirit, the Age of God. It is the age when man knows that all are equal and that the kingdom of heaven has always been within him.

The Age of Light shall take man back into unlimited thought—back into a sublime kingdom of love and joy and freedom in being. Those who will be the new kingdom will not be the warlords and tyrants amongst men, but the heralds of peace who are rising above the stagnation of limitation to say, "I am God, and all whom I see do I love, for I am all I see, and I love what I am."

Each who comes to that understanding will lift the whole of consciousness by his one solitary light. And one by one you will return to a state of unlimitedness, rich with the pearls of wisdom that will allow you to create more wisely in the eternity to come."