About Jonathan


Pineal Activation Light Therapist, Psychedelic Awareness, Prana Breathwork/Wim Hof, Astral Projection Education

Jonathan Vazquez is a retired military veteran who’s experienced various facets of life. Life took a turn for Jonathan Dec 3rd, 2018 when he was at work and saw a video claiming “astrophysicist’s have proven astral projection is real.” Being the skeptic and fact checker that he is he then pursued more information on the topic. Leading him down a rabbit hole of truth into the depths of consciousness and interdimensional travel he had never known existed. In Jonathans experiences with meditation and learning about the true nature of the singular gland in every being on earth with a vertebra known as the Pineal gland or better known across other esoteric teachings as “The third eye” or “6th chakra”. In his search for truth and understanding of how he was able to “astral project” he learned of a special light that can stimulate the pineal gland and can cause endogenous Dimethyltryptamine synthesis within the mind. In doing so he attained accelerated enlightenment, deep states of healing, relaxation and transcendental experiences that he can now deliver to all those seeking alternate modalities of crossing over the threshold.




10AM TO 8 PM


    1 HOUR                    $120

30 MINUTES          $75

10 MINUTES           $45