Light Forum Supplement – September 13, 2021

Light Forum Supplement

September 13, 2021

Our 35th Year of “How To Improve Your Life”

since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987


The Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop Is Coming Soon.

Limited Seats Still Remain.

The Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop is a go for San Antonio! This means that we can now accept late sign ups until the day before the workshop begins on Sept 23rd. However, please be aware that only 8 seats remain until class is full. Please check with Unlimited Thought to know the latest availability for remaining space. To be fair, we are taking first come, first served. So please do not delay, especially if you are considering attending with a friend or partner.

It is worth repeating that this time in history is like no other. It is critical that we remember our timeless connection to our heart and through that, to God. Some of you already know that your light body is functional. Others sense that it is spontaneously activating and don’t know what to do about that or how it is relevant to your own spiritual journey. Still, others have heard about the importance of the merkaba and want to know and experience this state of consciousness.

Amazing, what a great weekend! Phil, you led us to a new world and dimension of sacred geometries and the heart. I enjoyed everyone that was part of our pod. Phil was brilliant; you are a True facilitator. I want to commend you for teachings us the ancient Merkaba meditation, an amazing tool. It is unbelievable that this was just one weekend, I feel we spend a month together. Thanks for all the hugs and the love this weekend. Our hearts are open and are Merkaba is fired up for new adventures. Thank you!!! Thank you and more Thank yous to you, Phil.” ~ L. S.

If you are still undecided, or if you were late to learn about this workshop in San Antonio, please take a moment and listen to this YouTube video by the creator of the Awakening The illuminated Heart, Drunvalo Melchizedek.

He explains about his previous workshop, The Flower of Life workshop, and why it was changed to its current form, renamed The Awakening the Illuminated Heart. If the subject matter seems deep and profound (it is!), don’t worry. We will cover this and much more during the 4 day workshop which starts Sept. 23rd. For those of you attending please arrive early so that we may begin by 9am sharp.
To review what will be practiced in this 4 day intensive:

Brief Course Topics and Benefits:
• Generating the permanent MerKaBa field from the heart
• The practice for experiencing that you and God are One
• Using dreams and imagery to manifest non-polarized creations
• The process for opening the 3rd eye
• Learn the powerful Unity Breath Meditation
• The pineal beams of light and how to activate them
• How to create the human halo
• The process to move your Spirit to different parts of the body
• How to bring the brain (ego) back in subservience to the heart (spirit)
• A new approach to the MerKaBa

You Will Additionally Experience:
• The necessity to connect with Mother Earth and Father Sky
• The difference between Mind-based creation and Heart-based creation.
• The experience of Divine Love and its ability to heal and forgive totally
• Sacred geometry in our spiritual anatomy and its uses in ascension
• The MerKaBa: it’s characteristics, programming and practical uses
• The workshop methods and their signs of attainment
• The nature of illusion and duality and how to transcend it
• Consciousness and how Creation came out of the Void
• Development of subtle energy perception
• The role of voice, love and music to heal
• Seeing life through the eyes of the heart in daily life
• The healing of emotional pain and how to do it
• The role of the tongue in higher consciousness
• Generating alpha brain waves and using the internal chakras of the brain

Insightful and astonishing! Thank you Phil for presenting such esoteric information in a manner that was easy to understand and appreciate. You left us wanting more! Quite a few are excited about taking the workshop from you” ~ D’Marie M.

In a step by step journey, we introduce concepts that are then practiced through successive, fun and experiential exercises through one’s feeling self, not through the intellect of the mind alone. These ancient procedures that we experience allow an inner shift to occur that enables a vibratory reconnection, not only to their own heart, but the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of Creation as well. The merkaba (the human light body) will be activated from the heart and information will be discussed and shown that explains why we must be in vibrational alignment with the Earth as she makes her Great Shift to a new way of being.

Special emphasis is placed throughout the workshop on opening the heart and sensing within one’s self to find that Sacred Space in the Heart, the timeless and uncorrupted portal, the Divine and all that we truly are.

See you all soon,
Phil Laing

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center
7067 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78216
(210) 525-0693

Pre-registration required!
Deadline to apply: Sept. 9, 2021 Now September 22!
Registration by PayPal: $444
(Registration at Unlimited Thought: $444)
There is also a $14.99 fee to join School of Remembering for this workshop.
Sign up at:
Credit Cards via PayPal:
Use PayPal.Me/donation2revphil for recipient address or call facilitator for directions.

Bring a sacred object(s) for the alter. Seating is very limited. Highly recommended to read “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol. 1 and 2”, and “Living in the Heart“ prior to attending this event.

Contact me to attend or co-ordinate a workshop:

(530) 386-3983 ~



Unlimited Thought

Life Enrichment Center®

7067 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 525-0693 * (888) 845-8448 (toll-free)


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