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Issue #1189 * April 8, 2021

Our 34th Year of “How To Improve Your Life”

since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987


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Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center

Mission Statement

Unlimited Thought is totally religiously non-specific. We encourage everyone to make their own spiritual connection in the manner which works best for them. “The times, they are a-changing.” The intent of the Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center is to help ease the transition as our society, planet, and the human race changes from being fear-based to being love-based. It is not for us to say what is the best path for any individual, it is merely for us to provide the means to assist people to make their own choice on how to expand their consciousness and make their own spiritual connection with God. God is love; the connection is made through love; our society, our government, and all that we know will be improved and radically altered through love. It is symptomatic of our times for all that has been hidden to be revealed and for all fear-based organizations to crumble and fall while all truly love-based groups grow and expand. The time of a fear-based society is ending; a love-based society is being created, regardless of what any single individual says or does about it. We have now entered the active period of changes and the Shift of Consciousness. Unlimited Thought is here for all those newly awakening and asking ” What the bleep is happening?”


Editor: Bill Utterback

Classes and Activities Editor: Kyle Mills



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In This Issue

1.A Word from Our Founder
2.Phil, Will, Bill, and Callista Chat #28 – April 1, 2021 (free audio)
3.James Gilliland – Your Come From, Your Driving Force Brutal Honesty (text)
4.Simon Parkes – 4th April Update Current News (free video)
5.Dave Janda – Special Report: Dr. Lee Merritt (free video)
6.General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People (free video)
7.FKTV – The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived (free video)
8.Mike Adams – The vaccinated will DIE; the unvaccinated will be HUNTED (free video)
9.Brenda Hoffman – Your Time Has Come (text)
10.Schedule of Events: Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, April 18
11.Permanent Recurring Activities Scheduled Each Month
12.Previews for April through May
13.Bulletin Board
14.Advertising in the Light Forum
15.How to Schedule a Class or Activity Here


1. A Word from Our Founder

In the macrocosm, the Shift of Consciousness moves on and continues to accelerate. In the microcosm, this seems to be moving slowly at this time on planet Earth. I founded Unlimited Thought in August 1987 to assist with the Shift of Consciousness, although I did not fully understand that at the time. I was just doing what I was inspired by spirit to do. Spirit certainly does not inform you of everything in advance; it would invalidate the experience.

Cosmic Awareness through Will Berlinghof of Rainbow Phoenix has said that on December 21, 2012, the doorway to the new energies was opened just a crack. Many “New Agers” were expecting to transition to the Fifth Dimension at that time and were very disappointed when they could see nothing changing. There was a change – the Shift of Consciousness had begun. We will transition through the Fourth Dimension to the Fifth Dimension but it will not be instantaneous in our experience of time. We have actually been overlapping into the lower Fourth Dimension already (and there are some very bad entities who exist there). Think summoning a “demon”. Keep your vibrations high and those things will not win over you but they can still cause you some difficulties.

UT moved from our Blanco Road location to our new location on San Pedro Avenue in August 2018. We had to be out of our old location by midnight on August 31, 2018; we actually finished moving in the early morning hours of September 1. Prior to that, I was sick for a couple of days and went into the VA emergency room on August 29 with an intestinal infection. At age 72 they kept me in the VA hospital for a week and tried all sorts of things, then gave up and sent me home to die. I was not in good shape but I was not ready to leave the planet either.

I went to (was guided to go by spirit working through my wife April) a private doctor who gave me a prescription which cured me over time. I got back to work in mid October. The cabal, working with the “demon” (for lack of a better word) had taken me out at a very critical time in an effort to kill UT. It took a while for UT to get up steam in the new location and I had to sell all the silver I had purchased over time to get UT stabilized and debt free in the new location. I had bought a large quantity of silver for an emergency (and also was expecting it to greatly increase in value) but that was not the emergency that I had anticipated.

I suspect that part of what had caught the cabal’s attention was the Bill & Will Chats which started in January 2018 and still continue now as the Phil, Bill, Will, and Callista Chats. (The Phil, Bill, Will, and Callista Chat #29 is in this issue). The attack on me was later described by Cosmic Awareness as scanning over the Earth and attacking “points of light”. Certainly UT would be a “point of light” even without the Chats which generally discuss current events in a truthful manner.

The Shift of Consciousness is a transition of the planet Earth (Gaia) from the Third Dimension, through the Fourth Dimension, into the Fifth Dimension. Gaia will be taking along as many as possible of the human race along with her. This will happen over time. The cabal is incapable of changing their energy to increase in frequency up to the Fifth Dimension. Source (God) plans and Source wins.

The first thing necessary now is to end the control by the cabal. That is on track and happening at this time. This will not be a quick and easy transition, as the cabal has brainwashed and controlled the serfs (world population) for thousands of years. But it will be done, almost instantaneously on the cosmic scale of time. Unlimited Thought is here to assist others in their awakening.

Bill Utterback


2. Phil, Will, Bill, and Callista Chat #29 – April 8, 2021 (free audio)

Phil, Bill, Will and Callista Chat No.29 (8 April 2021)

(free audio)

We discuss Evergreen, Ever Given, CIA, Nukes, Human Trafficking, Cyclones, Spirituality, XRP and much more…

Youtube has removed some of our content, so please go to our Brighteon channel

or our UGEtube channel

Will Berlinghof’s website:

Bill Utterback’s website:​

Phil Laing’s website:

Callista’s Gab:


3. James Gilliland – Your Come From, Your Driving Force Brutal Honesty (text)


Your Come From, Your Driving Force Brutal Honesty

In the last days of the tyrants all stops will be pulled. Eugenics, global population reduction, 13 out of 14 people removed if they are successful, divisions, deceptions and social engineering will be so obvious even the most severely critical thinking and research impaired will see it. The divisive groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matters who openly state they are Marxist Communists, Open Boarders, many of the gender movements all have their roots in a master plan to take down America. Mainstream and Social Media, Hollywood, the Music industries, corrupt politicians are all controlled by the global elite and the CCP. Rest assured their messages will have an agenda and that agenda is not in your highest and best good. They actually be lie ve these dark hearts have a high-ranking place for them but in the end they know too much and will be dispensed with. This includes the compromised generals who will be the first to go as openly stated by the CCP.

Socialism and communism have never worked out well for the masses in fact every genocidal dictator throughout history were socialists or communist. When you centralize the power and wealth into the hands of a few, “The global elite”. When they take away your voice, “censorship”, remove your ability to defend yourself, basic human rights and your country you end up in a loss of freedom, poverty, ill health, with the end goal as serfdom. Despite what your idiot compromised professors are saying there is no such thing as a maintainable democratic socialism. Know your history. We are a Republic, self-governing without the banana.

This article is not about that. This article is about those in the patriot, spiritual and ufo community that are falling into the same trap. The division game, building a career on the mistakes or short comings of others, the competition, rumors, gossip and back stabbing needs to end. You cannot build your career on the backs of others, your kingdom will fall. Trying to assassinate another’s character will only result in the assassination of your character, a karmic 101 backlash.

No one is perfect, many are doing the best they can, it is a learning and healing process. We are in a world where the cards are heavily stacked against us. With the shills, corrupt politicians, corrupt agencies, honey pots, MK Ultra inserts, not to mention the unseen negative influences the worst thing we can do is allow the division within the communities to add to the already extreme challenges. We are all sifting through a massive pile of crap, layer upon layer of disinformation, misinformation, recycled ignorance, with the end goal of total domination throwing the world into serfdom, ill health, a war against humanity and Nature.

We need to unify and focus on the big fish. Mistakes will be made, people will pass on disinformation unknowingly. There will be those passing disinformation knowingly with ill intent others to throw off the enemy. What is most important is your come from. What is your agenda, what is your motivation, is it coming from a victim perspective or in service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. If your come from is off, your agenda tainted you will not be part of the solution in fact you will add to the problem. This must be addressed with brutal honesty. If coming at this unhealed there will be projections and divisions both of which can be avoided. “Physicians Heal Thyself.”

When the divisions occur, we have to ask ourselves has this happened in the past, did I fully communicate, was I listening to others communication, is there wisdom to be gained from this experience so as not to recreate it again? We also have to ask am I coming at this from a victim, am I trying to get the recognition acceptance and approval I didn’t get as a child externally? Am I doing this from the ego, spiritual ego included seeking love, acceptance, approval, fame, notoriety, recognition externally? When you are centered you love, accept, approve of yourself, you can see things with the Buddha mind or fresh mind. The projections and filters are gone. There have been many masters that have addressed this. “Take the beam out of your own eye before removing the splinter from another.” No one knows what another soul needs for completion. We are deep within a multidimensional war. This includes cyber, biological, psychological, seen and unseen entities. You can break it down into two catagories, Good and Evil yet there are a lot of shades of grey. If we spent as much time healing our own wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences verses projecting and blaming others we would take a quantum leap in spiritual evolution. This takes a suspension of the ego, the need to be right and brutal honesty with self. The dark hearts utilize our wounds, traumas, and grudges to manipulate, socially engineer and steer the masses to fulfill their agendas. If we are going to step out of their influence we have to heal and get back to Unity Consciousness or Universal Law. Universal Law is basically Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Honor and respect the sacred circle of life, the Creator within all Creation. Have no doubt their game is to divide and conquer and they are doing a great job, only because we allowed it. We stepped out of our center, our base foundation. We allowed them to divide us through race, gender, politics, religions and be lie f. Their greatest nightmare is that we unify fully aware of their agendas and what they have done in the past. GW Bush said if they knew what we did to the American people they would hang us from the highest tree. In other words you are the enemy of the global elite, the corrupt politicians and religious leaders. You are also the enemy of unseen forces that care nothing for humanity and the Earth. This explains the extreme inhumanity now occurring. Child sacrifice and trafficking is a classic example. The socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired masses will march lock step to do their bidding even if it means their and, “their children’s” demise. In fact the lock step and agenda 21 initiatives fit into these categories. Research them.

The great Awakening is working together to wake up as many people as possible. Allowing the division within is detrimental to the end goal. There is a plethora of agencies, shills, negative influences seen and unseen working against us. Why open the door? Who’s agenda does all the division serve? It is time to take a deep breath, step away from the chaos and division, reevaluate your come from, your motives, forgive yourself and others and recalibrate. Release the need to be right, be flexible, own it when your incorrect and make the correction. It is called humility. Humor and humility are what will get us through these trying times. Don’t even take yourself seriously, chances are this all may be a dream.

Be well,
James Gilliland

Eceti Stargate YouTube


4. Simon Parkes – 4th April Update Current News (free video)

Simon Parkes

(free video)



Bitchute Channel:



5. Dave Janda – Special Report: Dr. Lee Merritt (free video)


I have been asked by The Subscribers at to share the conversation I had with Dr Lee Merritt with the public

Informed Consent ….. is one of the foundational components I implemented in my 32 years of clinical practice as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Lee Merritt is one of the most knowledgable, physicians, surgeons and researchers in Our Country.

Lee and I sat down and dissected The Virus, The Jab & The Data. The content contained in this conversation and video will be of immediate value for you, your health and everyone you share the video with. However, the content will never be presented in the Bought Off Lame Stream Fake Media.

Happy Easter!

Dave Janda

(free video)


6. General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People (free video)

General Flynn & General McInerney Warn The American People About Irregular Warfare Happening Now In America!

That interview was from the His Glory channel on YouTube here.

I have a feeling it might not be on YouTube for much longer! (You’ll know why after you watch the interview)

In this amazing interview, General Flynn shares current updates on the Arizona election audit taking place.

He says some very professional companies are doing a 2.1M ballot audit over the next 30-60 days from Maricopa County, AZ that will lead to a lot of discoveries.

Flynn also mentions that already, there are 108 bills or legislations at the States level to strengthen election integrity.

Also, General McInerney warns about the next round of biological attacks, COVID-X.

He makes it very clear that we have enemies both foreign and domestic.

This interview is something every person on the planet needs to see!

It’s a very clear warning from two very respected US military generals, who are sharing incredibly important information with the people.

This information is also being censored by both mainstream media and mainstream social media outlets.

That’s why you being a member of My Patriots Network and helping to get the word out about this information is so important! If you haven’t joined My Patriots Network for free yet, you can join here.

My Patriots Network is an online social platform designed to unite Patriots and connect Patriots in their local area, so together we can each make a real change locally!

Then together, we can change the country for the better and uniting with Patriots in countries all around the world, we can create a better, more free and just world we all want!

Thank you for joining us and helping us get this message of truth and liberty out to the people in this world!

(free video)


7. FKTV – The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived (free video)

Forbidden Knowledge TV

The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, a think tank started 23 years ago, in 1998 has conducted dozens of exercises on simulated pandemics and bioweapons attacks, including Operation Dark Winter in 2001, where one of the main objectives was how to force-vaccinate an uncooperative population.

“Atlantic Storm” in 2005 addressed the logistics of mass-vaccinations and military quarantines. “Clade X” in 2018 pushed for radical fast-tracking of vaccine production. “Crimson Contagion” was a massive exercise launched in January of 2019. It involved scores of organizations, public and private, from both the federal and state level. Crimson Contagion lasted for over half a year and was based on a severe pandemic that originated in China.

On October 18th of 2019, Johns Hopkins partnered with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to sponsor Event 201, a simulation wherein an outbreak of a bat coronavirus kills 65 million people.

The culmination of all these studies was published in November of 2019. The CSIS Commission on Strengthening America’s Health Security urges the US Government to, “Replace the cycle of crisis and complacency that has long plagued health security preparedness with a doctrine of continuous prevention, protection and resilience.”

In other words, they’re calling for the medical tyranny we’re now seeing manifest around us. Signed by former military, Big Pharma and US Representatives, the CSIS document calls for continuous rapid vaccines, while also warning that the vaccines may go wrong and start spreading more disease.

And on that subject, what disease are we talking about? After a year of COVID-19, the numbers show us it is no more deadly than the Common Cold and even the WHO admit that all the PCR tests from 2020 are meaningless – and they had the vaccine before the mysterious outbreak ever occurred!

The agenda is now clearly about endless vaccinations for everyone. New MRNA vaccines that have never gone through human testing until now; the same controversial technology as the CRISPR tech, wherein one can easily splice human DNA and permanently modify it. They say the possibilities are endless.

Jennifer Doudna, who won the Nobel Prize for CRISPR tied calling for a worldwide moratorium for any application of any gene-editing using CRISPR but no one seemed to care. Not only does there seem to be zero regulation but anyone can cheaply buy and learn what they need to online to permanently change the genome in practically any living creature.

The MRNA vaccine is based on CRISPR technology. China recently used CRISPR tech to genetically-modify babies to be immune to HIV – and as a result, lessened their lifespans, just like CSIS warned: It all may go wrong and when it does, Big Pharma et al is free from any and all liability. The solution will be more gene-altering vaccinations, until they finally get it right – or not.

Eventually, and certainly sooner rather than later, an unaltered, natural human body will be considered a biohazard and full control over the human genome will become the new normal.

Without argument, we are now in the era of genetically-modified humans and while millions are gleefully lining-up to get their experimental gene-editing jab, others are being tagged like chattel. Vaccine passports, vaccine certificates and “freedom bracelets” made by the same company that specializes in prison monitoring bracelets.

And now, we have a new think tank simulation, the “Spars Pandemic”. Another outbreak and another vaccine, with warnings of the anti-vaccination movement. And don’t forget the Rockefeller Foundation’s “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”; “Lock Step”, wherein they illustrate plans to use pandemics and Big Pharma to usher in “A world of tighter, top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership.”

Get ready for the next round, because without any opposition, this thing keeps going – straight into the abyss.

(free video) Running Time: 6 mins

Help FKTV!


8. Mike Adams – The vaccinated will DIE; the unvaccinated will be HUNTED (free video)

Situation Update, April 6th: The vaccinated will DIE; the unvaccinated will be HUNTED

By healthranger // 2021-04-06

Globalists have a forked-tongue plan to exterminate humanity: Many who take the vaccine will simply die from the engineered hyperinflammatory reactions that are likely to hit hard in the Fall, while those who refuse to take the vaccine will be hunted down, rounded up and thrown in covid concentration camps for efficient extermination. This plan will be resisted in conservatives states like Florida and Texas, but this is precisely the plan being rolled out in genocidal “blue” states like New York and California. Many other genocidal regions in other nations are also participating in this mass extermination experiment, such as the state of Victoria, Australia. In New York, the criminal-minded Governor Cuomo is pushing vaccine passports to coerce the population into taking the engineered “death shots” which are already resulting in tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. All such deaths are called “coincidences,” of course, because the medial establishment lies about the cause of death to achieve their desired goals of medical tyranny. In 2020, when a person died months after tested “positive” for covid, that death was called a “covid death.” But in 2021, when a person dies five minutes after taking a covid vaccine, that death is called a “coincidence.” All this doesn’t mean the anti-human globalist demons will succeed, however. There is also growing resistance against vaccine passports, with many people (including political leaders like Ron Paul) claiming such as idea may be the “final straw” or “tipping point” needed for humanity to finally rise up and end the medical tyranny now being unleashed against them by terroristic governments worldwide. That’s why other global depopulation plans are also being pursued as rapidly as possible, including:

Fake president Joe Biden trying to start World War III with Russia via Ukraine.

Anti-human demon globalist Bill Gates trying to block the sun and collapse the global food supply to unleash mass famine.

The rapid deployment of 5G electromagnetic weapon systems in cities around the world, with telecommunications capabilities serving as the cover story.

The mass poisoning of the food supply with pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

Economic assaults on humanity via covid lockdowns, crushing small businesses and local employment opportunities.

The globalists are no longer even pretending to be working to save humanity
The “denial” phase of the globalist agenda is now over, and anti-human globalists are rolling out concentration camps, vaccine passports, FBI terrorism and weaponization of the government against human civilization on all fronts. The new Biden “infrastructure” bill even earmarks $20 billion to tear down roads and highways that are deemed “racist.” The total destruction of human civilization is now under way. This does not mean they will succeed, and their are many things people can do to defeat this intense evil and restore human liberty and dignity. In a special podcast that’s also incorporated into my daily podcast, I lay out a health strategy for helping yourself or others survive the covid death wave even if you’ve already taken a vaccine. While no plan works in all cases, I believe this nutritional strategy can save lives. Check it out here:

Today’s Situation Update podcast also reveals how humanity may be on the verge of rising up against globalist terrorist governments that are working on rolling out vaccine passports as a permanent control mechanism to enslave the compliant sheeple who go along with it. The time to peacefully resist vaccine passports, vaccine mandates and criminal governments is NOW. Listen and share:

(free video)


9. Brenda Hoffman – Your Time Has Come (text)

Your Time Has Come

Posted: 05 Apr 2021 06:45 AM PDT

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Dear Ones,

A new dimension has become part of your being.

Last week, we, of the Universes, discussed giddiness and unusual life sparkle. Such is so because you are discovering what was once difficult has become easy. And that those you disliked or felt uncomfortable with have little meaning in your life.

This new you is the result of the energies floating about the earth encouraging, even demanding, that you accept you in all your glory.

In 3D, you were not supposed to be too great or grand. And if or when you felt as if you could do anything, someone or something made certain you could not. Your 3D limitations were designed to keep you under control.

Fear is not possible when you have nothing to lose, including your standing in society. The parameters established by 3D society were designed to instill fear. A fear that even the most competent 3D leaders felt.

For without followers, a leader could not maintain his or her outer-directed power. In turn, those controlled by a leader were concerned they would be ostracized or lose their power if that leader no longer protected them or lost their power.

Three-D was a fear-based society.

Fear can only be removed when there is no need to please or follow others; when your inner knowingness is enough to maintain your being in all activities and interactions; when self-love is as important as placating others. When you know without a doubt, you are as capable as any person.

Such attributes were not honored in 3D, for fear does not encourage anyone to think highly of themselves.

You have stepped into the realm of self-love and, therefore, self-activation. No longer do you need to wonder if this action or that activity is socially acceptable.

Given that freedom, creations will be developed by anyone and everyone. No longer are there exceptions to this rule. The new being you birthed expects to be different in both actions and creations.

New will be the word of the eons.

Simultaneously, interventions by those in control will be either ignored if they are of 3D or redirected if they are from those beyond 3D. For new you has no interest in others’ telling you what you can or should do.

This is a time of radicalization, not in terms of harming others, but instead of fully claiming yourself. And by so doing, claiming the skillsets, you developed in other dimensions and frequencies.

You are no longer of 3D – and no one can force you to return to those restrictions. Of course, those fully of 3D will attempt to do so, for how can they be powerful if no one is following or fearful of them?

What is becoming evident to you forerunners is that those fully of 3D are acting more and more like a two-year-old. Stamping their feet and saying, “No” to anything that might disrupt their power expectations. But just as is true for the two-year-old you interacted with or parented, those tantrums mean little. A two-year-old does not determine when they go to bed or what they eat even though they might want such to be so. You, the adult, perhaps laugh a bit and continue with your day. And if that means the two-year-old must go to bed, he or she will.

So it will be with those enmeshed in 3D. They will test your boundaries, your will. You will respond by smiling or ignoring them as you go about your day. Their temper tantrums mean little in terms of your day or life.

Outer-directed 3D power has ended. Even so, some forerunners will accept 3D fear for a bit until those forerunners realize their inner-power.

So it is you are beginning to realize you are not like most people. The same will be true for each forerunner – maybe not today, but very soon. And for once, you will not be ashamed or feel guilty about that difference, for your time has come.

Allow those of 3D to display their temper tantrums for they are frightened. Not necessarily of your inner-power, but because you do not need them to tell you who you are and what you are capable of. You have walked out of your 3D fear cell, and they have no idea how to bring you back. Their 3D power is as limited as that of a two-year-old.

Some of you may feel the need to pretend you concur with those 3D beings until even that becomes too onerous. Just know that new you is a creative loner without a need for someone telling you what to do, when.

There will be creative pods, if you will, of like-minded people. But those pods will not follow nor accept an overlord. Those days are over.

You are new you in a new world. So be it. Amen.

Summary of Brenda’s April 2, 2021, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Forerunners accepted your joy/giddiness via the recent energies. You’re now processing those energies to determine if your earth life sparkles without the expected 3D clouds. As you process this latest shift, remember to acknowledge the sparkles instead of any lingering 3D clouds.

“Your Giddiness Has Arrived” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her “Blog & Subscribe” page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation. Or subscribe via

Copyright 2009-2021, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved. Feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. But please maintain this blog’s integrity by including the author/channel’s name: Brenda Hoffman, and source website link:


10. Schedule of Events:

Saturday, April 10 through Sunday, April 18

You can see our Calendar of Events HERE or pick up a paper copy and flyers on individual classes and activities at Unlimited Thought.

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Saturday, April 10


Come gather at Unlimited Thought Saturday and Sunday for some:Metaphysical fun!

We look forward to seeing you here.

We invite you to come meet and greet with our professional staff of alternative and holistic practitioners, or feel free to browse around and get to know a variety of local vendors and artisans showcasing their handcrafted items and more. Feed your Soul by browsing through our wide array of adults and children’s metaphysical books and crystals/stones/jewelry or just sit in on one of our free hourly lectures.


$25 Chakra Balancing
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The Body Mind Spirit Fair is a family friendly event with free admission and free parking. Please call Alex at 210-525-0693 for more information or to participate as a vendor.

10am-6pm with Intuitive Counselors
15 minute mini-readings $25; regular appointments also available

Blu Jones
I am an Oracle and Tarot interpreter and a Metaphysical Counselor. I have been doing this all of my life and knew from almost the start that this was my calling. I do this as it is my passion in life to help people and bring them the truth and awareness that they have been seeking. I love leading other light beings onto their paths of wholeness and high vibration. I look forward to greeting you from the light. Namaste.

Bobbie Langdon
For more than 20 years Bobbie has been using her intuitive gifts to help people find answers to questions in their lives and to help guide them on their spiritual and life paths. Using Tarot and intuition combined with the direction of spirits, angels and guides, seekers have opened doors to new discoveries and closed doors to unnecessary and outdated beliefs. Clients are always reminded of their own “free will” and the information provided is only intended to be a guide. Everyone is encouraged to use the information to unleash their own personal power to live to their highest purpose.

Samantha Yarborough
I am a clairvoyant medium. My favorite color is Green. Also, spirits talk to me. I believe in GOD and Angels. I see people for who they are inside, the true person they find…..I can see them. Come in to see me and we can figure it out together!

Todd Daughtry
Tarot/Oracle Reader and Energy Worker
Todd is an intuitive, reader, and life coach who enjoys serving others with his gifts. He is also a former Marine and veteran and professional pilot. Todd offers tarot and oracle readings, singing bowl sessions, intuitive consultations and helps people tap into their higher wisdom. He has university masters level training in counseling and has been a gifted intuitive since childhood.”

Body/Energy Practitioners

Jonathan Vasquez
is a retired military veteran who’s experienced various facets of life. Life took a turn for Jonathan Dec 3rd, 2018 when he was at work and saw a video claiming “astrophysicists have proven astral projection is real.” Being the skeptic and fact checker that he is he then pursued more information on the topic. Leading him down a rabbit hole of truth into the depths of consciousness and interdimensional travel he had never known existed. In Jonathans experiences with meditation and learning about the true nature of the singular gland in every being on earth with a vertebra known as the Pineal gland or better known across other esoteric teachings as “The third eye” or “6th chakra”. In his search for truth and understanding of how he was able to “astral project” he learned of a special light that can stimulate the pineal gland and can cause endogenous Dimethyltryptamine synthesis within the mind. In doing so he attained accelerated enlightenment, deep states of healing, relaxation, and transcendental experiences that he can now deliver to all those seeking alternate modalities of crossing over the threshold.

Nic Smith
Is a Usui Reiki Master and practitioner, helping to read, interpret, and balance the energy within the body. Experience in energy and its different forms stems from twenty years of experience. Starting in Japan initially learning kung fu, later experience in aikido, and continuing study branching into chi gong. Fourteen years following the Norse beliefs and the casting/divination of the elder futhark runes. Honorably retired United States Marine.


Rocio P. Johnson
“Del Ángel”, Rocío P Johnson, offers handmade chakras bracelets, personalized jewelry. Personal protections for home or business. As well offers the Spray del Ángel for auric protection with specific functions and much more.

Black Llama I am a peruvian artisan owner of Black Llama. I handmade and have spiritual arts, crafts and jewelry from Peru and Local.

Marie Wolf – Rock Your Magic. Healing crystals/stones and fossils from around the world! Including quartz I mined in Mt. Ida, cleansed and charged often to ensure crystalline flow.

Mays Illustrastions – The artist of May’s Illustrations creates homemade Crescent Moon Dream Catchers to liven your spiritual space. Each dream catcher is made with love and positive intentions. The materials used are grapevine branches, forever lasting flowers and colorful twine. The crystals are handpicked rose or clear quartz, and cleansed with moon water.

Virgie Ravenhawk is of Wichita and Aztec descent, born in San Antonio, Texas. Joining the United States Army for an illustrious career of 23 years. She has been recognized by the local military bases for her accomplishments as a woman of Native American descent. She managed to return to a peaceful life of her art work, where she is now known for her Native American tribal Arts and Ceremonial crafts carving in bone, stone, and wood. With her partner Debi Drumhawk they also create medicine bags, ceremonial drums, rattles made from various natural materials, prayer sticks, staffs, and canes, each piece is one of a kind. She was gifted the ability to play the Native American flute in 1995 and with the release of six CDs she is now known around the world for her music. As a spiritual mentor she walks as a teacher of her fathers and mothers ways and is respected by her peers, family, friends, and students. Virgie’s healing drumming circles have been bringing people from all walks of life together once a month for almost 16 years for healings and awakenings. As a teacher of ceremonies, her statement still stands in concrete, “Those of us who have chosen this way of life and walk in the Medicine way should never take their gifts for granted”.

Harold Hoenow Infinite You

Free Lectures Saturday, April 10, at the Unlimited Thought Body-Mind-Spirit Fair!

Sunday, April 11


Free Lectures Sunday, April 11, at the Unlimited Thought Body-Mind-Spirit Fair!

Join us at Unlimited Thought Saturday and Sunday for some:FUN!!!

We look forward to seeing you here.

Monday, April 12

No scheduled events. Store hours are 10am-8pm.

Tuesday, April 13

No scheduled events. Store hours are 10am-8pm.

Wednesday, April 14

BREATH WORK WITH JOHNNY A Permanent Recurring Activity every Wednesday evening at 6-7pm in room 9 for $10. Learn how to Breathe your way into a better physical and mental state. Calms the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety. Promotes full and complete breathing. Increases oxygen supply to the blood. Helps keep the lungs healthy. Releases muscular tension. Prepares for deeper meditation. Increases body alkalinity levels, releases natural IL10 throughout the body. Brings the body into a natural state of being, allows to enter deeper states of consciousness and awareness, activates the Pineal gland, and clears negative energy blocks within.

Thursday, April 15

INSTRUMENTAL MEDITATION with Christian Juan at 1pm-2pm. This meditation is led by special instruments; Hand Pan, didgeridoo, hand drum and shells. Let us come together as a community, as a whole and relax, breathe and meditate. Like minded people surrounding like minded people,

Friday, April 16

REIKI SHARE with Rev Audrey Marie Kwarciany, at 7-8pm in room 9. This class is donation based $11-$22. We will Rise Up, together, as a community. Weather you have been drawn to holistic therapies recently or if you’re a seasoned Reiki Practitioner. We invite you to join us as we restore this practice of coming together under common purpose once again here at Unlimited Thought. We will go within to restore comfort in our space and clarity in our minds. Reiki is an ancient practice used all over the world to create balance in the energy body. In current day it is recognized in major medical industries to assist with addiction recover , PTSD, oncology and more. This sacred container is a place for you to empower yourself to assist in empowering the meeting of your own needs for internal peace . Reiki can be used to treat each other ourselves kids and pets. Weather you have lots to share or if you’ve never even heard of such a practice you are welcome, you are seen, you are perfect just the way you are. We would love to have you.

Saturday, April 17

No scheduled events. Store is closed for business

Sunday, April 18

No scheduled events. Store is closed for business


11. Permanent Recurring Activities Scheduled Each Month

BREATH WORK WITH JOHNNY A Permanent Recurring Activity every Wednesday evening at 6-7pm in room 9 for $10. Learn how to Breathe your way into a better physical and mental state. Calms the mind and body, reducing stress and anxiety. Promotes full and complete breathing. Increases oxygen supply to the blood. Helps keep the lungs healthy. Releases muscular tension. Prepares for deeper meditation. Increases body alkalinity levels, releases natural IL10 throughout the body. Brings the body into a natural state of being, allows to enter deeper states of consciousness and awareness, activates the Pineal gland, and clears negative energy blocks within.

NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUAL DRUMMING LIVE FACEBOOK ONLINE EVENT with Virgie Ravenhawk assisted by Laura Barrera and Susan Highsmith on the third and last Saturday of every month. A Permanent Recurring Activity at 6-7pm, donation.

SINGING BOWL MEDITATION A Permanent Recurring Activity every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Wed. at 10:30-11:30am, Thurs. at 6:30-7:30pm, Sun. at 3-4pm in room 9 for $15 with Todd Daughtry. Join us for a relaxing group singing bowl meditation session. This is an ancient practice and we suggest experiencing it while laying down on your yoga mat and covered with your blanket and resting your head on your pillow. We will be practicing social distancing and masks are required and we will limit the group to 10 persons. We suggest making a reservation, but walk ins are welcome on a space available basis. The room will be dimly lit during the 1 hour session and it’s fine if you fall asleep or stay awake. Cost is only $15 and it’s only $12.50 if you prepay at least 24 hours in advance. Hope to see you soon! Blessings!


12. Previews for April through June

(See Section 11 for Permanent Recurring Activities)

Saturday, May 8


Sunday, May 9


Friday, May 21

REIKI SHARE with Rev Audrey Marie Kwarciany, at 7-8pm in room 9. This class is donation based $11-$22. We will Rise Up, together, as a community. Weather you have been drawn to holistic therapies recently or if you’re a seasoned Reiki Practitioner. We invite you to join us as we restore this practice of coming together under common purpose once again here at Unlimited Thought. We will go within to restore comfort in our space and clarity in our minds. Reiki is an ancient practice used all over the world to create balance in the energy body. In current day it is recognized in major medical industries to assist with addiction recover , PTSD, oncology and more. This sacred container is a place for you to empower yourself to assist in empowering the meeting of your own needs for internal peace . Reiki can be used to treat each other ourselves kids and pets. Weather you have lots to share or if you’ve never even heard of such a practice you are welcome, you are seen, you are perfect just the way you are. We would love to have you.

Saturday, June 12


Sunday, June 13


Friday, June 18

REIKI SHARE with Rev Audrey Marie Kwarciany, at 7-8pm in room 9. This class is donation based $11-$22. We will Rise Up, together, as a community. Weather you have been drawn to holistic therapies recently or if you’re a seasoned Reiki Practitioner. We invite you to join us as we restore this practice of coming together under common purpose once again here at Unlimited Thought. We will go within to restore comfort in our space and clarity in our minds. Reiki is an ancient practice used all over the world to create balance in the energy body. In current day it is recognized in major medical industries to assist with addiction recover , PTSD, oncology and more. This sacred container is a place for you to empower yourself to assist in empowering the meeting of your own needs for internal peace . Reiki can be used to treat each other ourselves kids and pets. Weather you have lots to share or if you’ve never even heard of such a practice you are welcome, you are seen, you are perfect just the way you are. We would love to have you.


13. Bulletin Board

Unlimited Thought is open for business with hours of Monday through Friday 10am-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, and Sunday closed (except for Fairs). Our next monthly Body-Mind-Spirit Fair will be on April 10 and 11. More classes and activities will be coming back soon and we will probably need to open Sunday also in the near future.

Our online store remains open for shipping. We are offering free shipping on any order exceeding $100. You can order from our website or by calling 210 525-0693 or 888 845-8448 (toll-free) during the above hours.


14. Advertising in the Light Forum

[ Sample Ad Size

You can place an ad in the Light Forum the size of the above sample. In this location, made into a “Bulletin Board” section, the cost is $20 per issue.

The Light Forum newsletter is sent to about 2,800 subscribers who requested to subscribe and is also posted to our website weekly. No graphics may be used. The intent is to keep the Light Forum newsletter simple and held down to a minimum size. An ad twice the size is available for twice the price.

Ads at the beginning of the newsletter will be $60 per issue.
Ads in the body of the newsletter (about the middle) will be $40 per issue. Ads at the end of the newsletter in the Bulletin Board section will be $20 per issue.
Payment is due prior to publication. Six months of ads paid in advance will earn a 10% discount. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Copy needs to be submitted via e-mail. We can color and format the ad from your text at no charge.

We reserve the right to be selective in accepting advertising according to our views of what may or may not complement the tone of the Light Forum. Every effort will be made to publish the newsletter weekly. In the event of illness, equipment failure, or other reasons causing a weekly issue not to be published, the money will be refunded or the ad will run in the next issue, your choice. We assume no other liability and purchase of advertising space is done in recognition of and agreement with that limited liability.

Email Bill Utterback at to place an ad.


15. How to Schedule a Class or Activity Here

To schedule classes and activities, contact Kyle Mills, UT Operations Manager, at 210 525-0693 or Email is best.

Our Classroom Guidelines policy is displayed on the wall in the classrooms. The short version is:

You can see what classes we have currently scheduled on our Calendar of Events on our website or you can pick up a printed calendar. We have two classrooms and we are open Sun noon-6pm, Monday-Friday 10am-9pm, and Saturday 10am-6pm. Most weekday classes are 7-9pm.

Schedule with me via email. Tell me what days, beginning times, and ending times you want. I will either schedule you for that or suggest an alternative. You are not scheduled until I email you telling you that your schedule is confirmed. I need you to tell me the cost (or free or donation).

Sometimes a discount is offered like a series of 5 classes, $20 per class or $80 for the series of five if paid by X date. Or, 4 people pre-registered by X date required for class to be held, or 4 people pre-registered and paid by X date required for class to be held. That information needs to be given to me at the time of scheduling requests and must be on the flyer.

After you are scheduled, I will need you to bring us a quantity of letter-size printed flyers for your classes. You can see flyers here for other classes and activities. Your flyer should give the reader an understanding of how they will benefit from attending your class.

Also, I will need you to email me a text description of the activity to go in our weekly email newsletter Light Forum. That can be the same text as on the flyer or longer.

The deadline for our printed calendar is the 15th of each month. That would be February 15 for the March calendar. You do not have to be on the printed calendar in order to schedule, but being on the printed calendar (scheduling before the 15th) is highly desirable.

You set the price and you get 70% (or slightly less for payments made by credit/debit cards).

For a one time class or a short series of classes with a fixed cost, we take 30% with no minimum. If no one comes to the class, we both make nothing.

For classes up to two hours long that are free or donation, we have a $20 minimum due to us. If donations are $50 we take our 30% which would be $15; we also take $5 more to make the $20 minimum, so you would get $30. If donations are a total of $10 we will want $10 more from you for a total of $20 to us. A 6-hour class that is free or donation would have a $60 minimum due to us ($10 per hour). Classes that are advertised as free or donation could suggest to the public that they may be of little value.

You have the option to schedule as a Permanent Recurring Activity (like every Monday evening until you say stop). There is a minimum $20 per class due to us (for up to two hours), or more if our 30% is over $20. The advantage to you is that no one can take your place on the schedule by scheduling in the future for the same days/times. If you want to cancel one class only of a Permanent Recurring Activity, you can avoid being charged the $20 minimum by canceling before that monthly calendar deadline (the 15th). A 6-hour class that is a Permanent Recurring Activity would have a $60 minimum due to us ($10 per hour).


We are all one.



Unlimited Thought

Life Enrichment Center®

7067 San Pedro Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 525-0693 * (888) 845-8448 (toll-free)

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