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Marie Simpson

Marie Culpepper Simpson, age 74, passed away peacefully at her home in San Antonio, on May 28, 2020. Marie was the only child of James and Doris (Ridout) Culpepper. She grew up in Stockdale, Texas then moved to San Antonio, Texas after High School graduation to explore new experiences.

Marie was a survivor in all areas of her life. After experiencing a near death car accident at the age of 22 she strived to heal from her injuries and restart her life. Marie married and had 3 beautiful children. She was entrepreneurial, raising African violets for competitions and winning numerous cooking contest awards. Marie tapped into her gifted skill of intuitive counseling in the late 80's. She opened her counseling business at the Unlimited Thought Bookstore. Over the last 30 years she became a prominent figure in the meta-physical community and was a regular guest on radio and tv shows. She gave her time to others around the world, bringing clarity to their lives as well as helping to provide an inner peace for them.

Marie is survived by her 3 sons and their wives, 7 grandchildren: Erik and Christine and daughters Sera and Skye, Ryan and Jaclyn and children Kalleah and Caiden, Coby and Sarah and children Dallan, Faith, and Baylan. Her best friends of over 30 years: Xavier Escobedo and Mary Ann Harris.

Marie enjoyed spending time with her family, eating Texas BBQ, and cheering on the Cowboys every fall. She loved the Texas coast, quiet movie nights and enjoying dinners with friends. Marie incorporated the art of compassion, forgiveness and understanding into her daily life with others. She genuinely believed in the power of unconditional love and demonstrated this with everyone she encountered. She made a lasting impression on the people she met with her positive perspective on life. She will be deeply missed by her friends, family, and all who knew her. She was a wise voice of how to live life and left us all with these words of life wisdom in her final days:


"Enjoy each day. So often people focus on daily life things that don't really matter. Let anger go and find peace. Love others. Touch people with your smile. Our daily interactions with others is where the change we all seek in this world, actually occurs. Harness it." - Marie Simpson

Expanding People’s Consciousness Toward a Love-Based Society

Our rapidly changing society is becoming more chaotic by the day. With various issues arising almost every hour, it is normal for people to feel stressed and anxious. These could all build up over time, eventually affecting the physical and mental being of those affected. This is where Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center comes in.

Who We Are

We are a religiously nonspecific center that honors all paths and beliefs. Since 1987, we have been dedicated to expanding the consciousness of people so they can be more understanding and open to positive change.


How We Can Help

Located in San Antonio, TX, our center aims to help our society, along with the planet as a whole, in transitioning from being fear-based to being love-based. This allows us to prosper as a community and as individuals.

Keep in mind, however, that we do not dictate what the best path is for anyone. Our goal is to provide the means to assist people in deciding on how they will expand their consciousness, enrich their lives, and make their own spiritual connection with all that is.

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