Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center

We are committed to helping people enrich their lives by expanding their consciousness.

Expanding People’s Consciousness Toward a Love-Based Society

Our rapidly changing society is becoming more chaotic by the day. With various issues arising almost every hour, it is normal for people to feel stressed and anxious. These could all build up over time, eventually affecting the physical and mental being of those affected. This is where Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center comes in.

Who We Are

We are a religiously nonspecific center that honors all paths and beliefs. Since 1987, we have been dedicated to expanding the consciousness of people so they can be more understanding and open to positive change.


How We Can Help

Located in San Antonio, TX, our center aims to help our society, along with the planet as a whole, in transitioning from being fear-based to being love-based. This allows us to prosper as a community and as individuals.

Keep in mind, however, that we do not dictate what the best path is for anyone. Our goal is to provide the means to assist people in deciding on how they will expand their consciousness, enrich their lives, and make their own spiritual connection with all that is.

10% military/student/senior discount on services

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